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Marryam H Reshii has been writing about travel, leisure and lifestyle for over 20 years. She writes for a slew of the most prestigious magazines and newspapers in India. She is one of the best known food critics in Delhi..

Marryam H Reshii is a well-known restaurant critic and gastronomy writer. She is a relentless traveller and has many interests within the ambit of food and cuisine: olive oil, Kashmiri recipes, heritage foods of India, regional Chinese food, French patisserie, fine chocolate... the list is long. Marryam writes a popular weekly column in a Times of India publication, What's Hot, in which she reviews a restaurant every week. It is keenly watched by the dining public as well as the food and beverage industry. In addition, she has been working on the annual Times Food Guide for Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida as well as other restaurant guides for the Times Group. She writes regularly for other publications as well, and has been doing so since 1987. She is a keen photographer too. Marryam lives in Delhi with her husband and two children. Her husband hails from Kashmir and Marryam has an abiding interest in the cuisine and cultural heritage of the Valley.


Marryam has been editing the Times Food Guide for the last two years and has brought out a Times of India publication entitled "Eating out in India: 101 Popular restaurants" that was sold out within a month of publication. She is working on a book about one niche aspect of ingredients.


She has been writing about food and restaurants for over a decade. Her career as a writer spans 25 years.